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Thuburbo Majus

Originally a Punic town, it was elevated in status by Augustus, Hadrian, and Commodus. Thuburbo Majus is another old majestuous Roman city in the middle of a sunburnt plain. It still displays interesting ruins : villas with mosaics and pools, a Forum and a Capitol, all worth seeingRead More


Ancient Sufutela, the second largest Roman site in Tunisia, where human settlements there date back to antiquity, and where the Flavian dynasty built one of the most well preserved roman sites in the world. Sbeitla has three temples, a great forum by a high wall and a three-bay... Read More


The pottery capital of Tunisia, Nabeul is a coastal town in northeastern Tunisia noted for its orange and lemon groves as well as its historic landmarksRead More

El Djem

The El Djem’s amphitheater is a very well preserved replica of the Rome’s Colosseum. Coming from Kairouan or Sousse, you suddenly see this unbelievable sight after 1hour drive, surrounded by the local olive tree fields and a small typical Tunisian city. el Djem’s spectacular... Read More


One of the best-preserved roman cities in Africa. Listed in 1997 in the UNESCO World Heritage List, the town of Dougga, built on an elevated site overlooking a fertile plain, was the capital of Punic and Roman states. It is the place to see still standing roman temples, streets... Read More


Sfax is a busy commercial and manufacturing center and the second wealthiest city after Tunis. Visit its charming and authentic Medina, and its maze of little streets. The Kasbah is behind a ribat of which only the mosque is left. It hosts an excellent small architectural museum.... Read More

Bulla Regia

A former Roman city near modern Jendouba. It is noted for its Hadrianic-era semi-subterranean housing, a protection from the fierce heat and effects of the sun. Many of the mosaic floors have been left in situ; others may be seen at the Bardo Museum, Tunis. There is also a small... Read More


The fourth holiest city of Islam and the first Arab capital of North Africa, Kairouan is located at the center of the country, 160km south of Tunis. Discover its religious cachet, the beautiful architecture of the Medina, the ninth century great mosque of Oqba ibn Nafi, an... Read More


Carthage The oldest Phoenician settlement on the coast of North Africa, and its glorious monuments: the Anthonin thermes, the Tophet at Salambo, the Amphitheatre, the Punic ports and the Acropolium. Once home to Hannibal and his elephants, and the big Mediterranean rival to the... Read More

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