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One day in Tunis

[list type="icon-plane"] [li] Medina of Tunis and its restored Ottoman palaces[/li] [li] The historical site of Carthage[/li] [li] The blue and white village of Sidi Bou Said[/li] [/list]Read More

A Glimpse Of Tunisia

[list type="icon-plane"] [li] Short extension trip to your business journey or your trip in a neighboring country of the Mediterranean [/li] [li] Choose from 3 options- archeology, culture, arts & traditions [/li] [li] Modular itinerary- we can accelerate the pace and cover... Read More

History, Arts and Traditions

[list type="icon-plane"] [li] Phoenician and Roman Archaeological sites[/li] [li] Discover the largest collections of roman mosaics in the World in sites and museums[/li] [li] Benefit from the expertise of historians, archaeologists and architects in charge of the... Read More

From Carthage to the festivals of the Sahara

[list type="icon-plane"] [li] Non polished, rustic, off the beaten path travel experience[/li] [li] Genuine immersion into the Berber festivals of the Sahara[/li] [li] Experience the silence and peacefulness of the Sahara desert, the arts and traditions of the... Read More

TUNISIA: Throughout History and Geographies

[list type="icon-plane"] [li] Experience the various civilizations that traversed Tunisia over centuries[/li] [li] Seek an off the beaten path accelerated experience but expect luxury and comfort at the same time[/li] [li] Discover the Natural landscapes of Tunisia that take... Read More


[list type="icon-plane"] [li] Visit the archeological treasures of Northern Tunisia [/li] [li] Experience the vibrant medinas of Central Tunisia, their arts, traditions & gastronomy [/li] [li] Discover the fabulous Sahara desert, its silence, vastness and mountain... Read More