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Tunisia is magical—all the complexity and richness of its ancient civilizations, all the mystery and color of the medinas, spice markets, and temples, and both the graciousness of the traditional culture and the sophistication of an educated and successful modern country.  The mosaics (more than any other country) and ancient buildings are breathtaking:  Carthage, Tunis, Kairouan, Dougga, Bulla Reggia.  The coastline is long and lovely, from the view over the ruins at Carthage to the pristine shores in the south.  But the most memorable are the people and the cuisine:  both are complex, interesting, inviting and rewarding.  There will never be enough time to enjoy all the wonders of Tunisia

Barbara Bauer, Denver, CO

Before I fill in your feedback form — as I’ll try to do this weekend — I want you to know that the four Friendlys agree that our time in Tunisia was the best vacation — on all counts — we have ever had.  The details will follow, but we are deeply in your debt and even more deeply indebted to Hassen Hammi, a delightful companion as well as a learned guide.

Alfred Friendly Jr- Washington Post

I take 2 trips a year out of the country a year  & I consider myself a “pro” when it comes to searching for Tours & dissecting them. I’ve been doing this for many years. Last year I traveled to China & to Tunisia.I’m now leaving for Thailand, Singapore & Hong Kong.

I’m here to tell you to stop searching…You will NEVER find a trip to top this. Mohamed & PromoTunisia are one of a kind. Remember that their purpose is to help to educate Americans to their country since very few travel there. We met none on our trip. Mohamed’s father is head of tourism in Tunisia & therefore the treatment you will receive everywhere you go is beyond belief. Also the Tour Guide, Mohamed Halouani, is the #1 guide in Tunisia. He is an incredibly knowledgeable man & a humorist, a gentleman & lots of fun. The in-depth touring lectures you will get visiting numerous sites of Mosaics is special. He makes the trip indescribable.

I took the 15 day trip but went to all the places you are going to. All of the hotels are 5*, the meals are 8*. Each one is a special surprise…eating on the beach by fire torch lite as you are serenaded & watch a lamb cook
on a massive spit. Camel riding thru the Sahara at dusk, bathing in turquoise waters, sleeping i white linen a/c personal tents in the Sahara, unbelievable ruins, walking in the desert where Star Wars was filmed, fun, shopping in the Souks . The distance between places was short. No 5-6 hour bus rides. We also traveled in brand new Toyotas 4×4 with the most wonderful drivers in turbans. We travelled between 3 & 4 people per vehicle. I forgot to mention the  number of people on a tour is primary…I only travel with very small tours. No 20-30-40 people busses. Dont like being herded like cattle. When you are a very small group, we were 9, the individual attention & the ability for the group to socially interact is great. It adds so much to your trip.

The people are warm & welcoming and very happy to see americans. As you can see, I was more than satisfied. I came home in a fog. I will be going back in April, with PromoTunisia. Because of PromoTunisia & the 2 Mohameds. I would go wherever they travel. You are going on a vacation to a very wonderful country. SIGN UP & RELAX & have a fabulous once in a lifetime experience…

Suzanne Turchin- Florida

It was a great pleasure to visit Tunisia. Although I had been there twice before, this was a more thorough and pleasurable experience. I and my companions loved your country, it natural and historical beauty and its kindly, welcoming people. As archaeologists we learned a lot, which will be reflected in our future work. Our driver, Ilyas, was a fine, friendly and very helpful person, who, at the end of the two weeks we were there, became a friend. Our hotels were well chosen and pleasant. Thank you for your help and suggestions in organizing this trip.

Fikret Yegul Professor/classical architecture and archaeology

Hey Mohamed!

I have been dying to email you to tell you just how much my time in Tunisia meant to me.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I have adopted Tunisia as my second country.  I am so absolutely in love with that place, and have not been able to stop talking about all if you and my experiences there.

My first full day home, my family had drank both bottles of the Tunisian wine I brought home with me; and they just finished off the box of delicious pastries you sent home with us.  My whole family, especially the health nut marathon runners in my family, devoured those delicious pastries.  Thank you for such a wonderful gift!

I really want to start working on building up relations between Arizona and Tunisia.  I really believe we can benefit each other greatly!

Amanda Reeve- Congresswoman Arizona