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Tunisia: compress centuries of history into a pleasant environment

Tunisia is a country full of contrasts that possesses the gift of harmony: it has witnessed successive civilization of opposing cultures, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Turks, Arabs, Spaniards, French, and yet in spite of the ruins and the bloodshed, the scars left are not deep.

On the contrary, this succession of administration has established continuity, with each new regime taking something for the better, from the one that preceded it.

Rome, for example, not only left to Tunisia some of the most admirable monuments of Roman Africa but also a culture, a spirit even, an impression ofcosmopolitanism and tolerance that today, twenty centuries later is still very much alive.

You may very well say that all this has little to do with holidays. Not at all. The tourism that PromoTunisia is championing not only consists of admiring beautiful sites, visiting museums and tasting the great Tunisian cuisine, but above all ofabsorbing something of the real life around.

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